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Three books you might wish to add to your summer reading list

Noah Yuval Harari, "Homo Deus"

AI is all the rage these days, and with it all the bliss and breathtaking benefits that its development might entail. Critical views anyone? In fact, amid all the clamour and touting, there are some quiet voices who express their concerns about the kind of brave new world we are already eagerly creating. Among them, Harari classes as one of the most vocal critics, and his book "Homo Deus", published three years ago, could hardly be of any more topical interest and value. I's a must-read for anyone keen to come to grips with the question of whether humankind is heading for utopia or dystopia, or anything in between. And those who've had their share of, say, Schopenhauer, will find his theses perfectly plausible rather than shocking...

Jo Nesbo, "Macbeth"

Time-travelling Shakespearean characters act out the play for which they have been invented by the literary genius from Stratford-upon-Avon in a contemporary and fittingly sombre setting.

Can you conceive of Macbeth as a police officer at the end of the 20th century? No? Well, Nesbo could and did, and he wrote a thrilling crime novel about Macbeth's rise and fall that should even excite your offspring, who traditionally hardly finish school without having rather less than more enjoyed their share of the great English poet's work...

Dave Eggers, "The Circle"

They're out to get you, or rather your data - But, of course, it's all in the best interest of humanity at large if big global companies all but ask us to abandon the very idea of privacy. And, of course, the customer is always right, and the customer wants their Siris, Alexas, Cortanas and their ilk, and s/he wants the Internet of Things that promises the smartest world we'll ever know. The snag?

In his book, Dave Eggers goes to the bottom of the seemingly most deeply humane motto "sharing is caring", coined by "The Circle", a company which bears some striking resemblance with companies we all know and with whom a majority of us do business of some kind or another.

After reading this book you'll likely be tempted to believe that even the best intentions can end up being nothing but dangerous ideologies...


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